Students have to pay all cost essay

Topic: University students should pay all cost of their studies because university education benefits only individuals but not the society as a whole. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As supposed to be the only beneficiary of university education, individuals but not the society should be charged all cost of their studies. From my perspective, because neither of them does not receive some certain benefits, I partly agree with this statement.

On the one hand, students who profit from the value of their degree regarding greater earning potential should be responsible for a part of their studies’ cost. First, being equipped with speciality provided by university education, students can have an adequate knowledge foundation to have a stable, well-paid and rewarding job instead of a low-paid manual one. For example, the salary of a supply chain officer almost triples that of a blue-collar worker in the same textile industry in Vietnam. Second, with the social network and experience an university, a clinical environment, offering, students can have more opportunities to foster their individual development through trial and error. This contributes greatly to their life path or their success afterward.

On the other hand, that tuition should be also supported partly by public funds. As can be seen, in some cases, the society get a lot of benefits from university-educated citizens, especially from university courses which then fast-track people into public service professions such as doctors or teachers. Eventually, graduates can become those who will be in charge of people’s care and wellbeing. Not to mention, a society where citizens are well educated can have low rates of crimes because the possession of certain high education can secure a person’s stable life, which dispels any ideas of committing crimes among the community.

In conclusion, as there is no doubt that university education is beneficial not only for individuals but also the society, both public funds from governments and private contributions from students should pay for university degrees.

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